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Daejin Industry
Hello, everyone!

My name is Im Young-soon, and I am the CEO of Daejin Industry.
Through continuous research, and the development of high technology in the sprinkler field, Daejin Industry is preparing to step beyond the boundaries of Korea to become one of the great global companies.
This is the result of our constant work to improve quality and develop our technologies, in order to produce a better product. This is also attributable to the fact that we have listened to the voice of every single one of our customers, and have responded quickly response to the changing demands of the market. Our 20 years of expertise and technology is the most powerful source of energy and value for Daejin Industry of today. In the future, Daejin will work with the goal of bringing the best products to our customers. Please keep your eyes on Daejin Industry, as we march toward a better and bigger vision for all of us.
Thank you.

- Im Youn-soon, CEO of Daejin Industry -