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Fire Fighting System

Sprinkler Hose

D DJSP25B ( Braided Type )

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Usage : commercial and residential building. Parking lot, factory etc
This types of hose has stainless steel braid covered around the hose to protected the hose.
This type will be used for the building which requires highest safety standard.

D DJSP25UB ( Unbraided Type )

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This types of hose is used wide in most of the commercial or residential buildings.
Its high price competitively make it possible to use your company resources
economically without losing safety issue.

Flexible Sprinkler Joint

The flexible sprinkler joint made by Daejin Industry features substantial improvements to previous piping methods. Its anchoring parts are specially designed to allow for an easy and problem free installation even when the task is performed by an unskilled installer. In terms of work efficiency and economy, it performs 50%~70% better than previous piping methods. In addition, high quality products are available.

Characteristics and benefits

1. Economical: An unskilled user can install it, quickly and easily
2. Stability: Each product undergoes new processing and leakage tests, not conventional piping joint work.
3. Convenience: It is a flexible joint that allows for convenient installation in narrow spaces.
4. Flexibility: Allows you to adjust the sprinkler and the position for dimension adjustment (upper and lower).
5. Safety: Rigorous water leakage test is applied to all the hoses in the factory lab. All the products of our company have been approved by FM or UL.
Available length: 700-1800mm ( for UL and FM approved model )
400-3500mm ( for Japanese and Korea )

Glass Bulb

Glass Bulb Dry Pendent Type Sprinkler Head

Dry Sprinklers are thermo sensitive glass bulb spry sprinklers which are suitable for freezing areas. When firing, the heat-sensitive liquid in the bulb expands, and breaks the glass, it makes the plunger to open the waterway.

Pendent Type
Glass Bulb Pendent Type Sprinkler Head
Side Wall Type
Glass Bulb Side Wall Type Sprinkler Head

When the ambient temperature increases due to the firing heat, the sprinkler head emits the fire-distinguishing water by breaking of glass-bulb due to the expansion of heat expansion liquid ( Glycerine or ether mixtures )

Glass Bulb Quick Response Type Sprinkler Head
Quick Response Type

Quick Response sprinklers are designed for discharging water much faster than standard sprinklers at the same temperature rating. When firing, the heat-sensitive liquid in the bulb expands and breaks the glass then water is discharged.

Fusible Link

The low melting point alloy, which main component is lead, is used.
When firing, the ambient temperature increases by heat and the alloy fuse is melting and dismantling. Because of nice appearance, this fusible link round type sprinkler head is widely used in apartments and office studios.

Round Type
Fusible Link Round Type Sprinkler Head
Flush Type
Fusible Link Flush Type Sprinkler Head
Quick Response
Fusible Link Quick Response Flush Type Sprinkler Head

D Bracket

Anchoring Set

DAEJIN has developed many types of anchoring sets thinking what can make the differences. What we have done will make you and your customer outstanding among others.


1. Cost saving : Inexperienced worker can install it very easy and fast without losing safety
2. Shorten construction period by omit several processed that are need for conventional piping system
3. Safety : Rigorous water leakage test is applied to all the hoses in the factory lab.
Daejins all products has been approved by FM or UL.

Reducer & nipple

Size : (70mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm)
※ Ø34 * 300ℓ; larger sizes can be made-to-order

Sloped design prevents product from slipping down

In general, 2-3 years after working on a flexible joint, the joint part of the reducer, or the bracket part, extends to slide down, resulting in a poor appearance.
As a result, corrective work has to be done at additional cost. Daejin's reducer is made in a tapered (sloped) style, which enables it to prevent the product from sliding down.